Announcing First-Ever Official Sue Coe Website with Comprehensive Catalogue of Work Inbox

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Artist and Activist Sue Coe Announces First-Ever Comprehensive Website of Work

Newly Launched Site Includes Full History of Exhibitions and Activist Work Alongside Decades of Prints, Drawings, and Paintings

Sue Coe in her studio, holding her woodcut Abolition: Meat Free Every Day. Photo: Sasha Bezzubov for LAIKA, 2021
NEW YORK, NY (December 08, 2022) –The Galerie St. Etienne is pleased to announce, the first-ever comprehensive website for British-born American activist-artist Sue Coe. Spanning Coe’s 50-year practice—including a full history of her exhibitions and activist work and reproducing most of her prints, drawings, and paintings from the early ’70s on war —the new site extends far beyond the scope of a typical artist website.

Coe has engaged in a decades-long critique of the American political establishment through her drawings, paintings, illustrations, and print works. While animal rights have long been the artist’s central focus, over the decades her art and activism have engaged with diverse issues, among them the 1983 sexual assault of Cheryl Araujo (Rape, Bedford, 1983), the AIDS crisis, the Global War on Terrorism, the Trump presidency, and lately, the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In collaboration with the academic Stephen F. Eisenman, Coe also recently published 20+ of her prints and drawings created since the 2020 election in the pamphlet American Fascism, Still! (Rotland Press, 2022), which examines the steady advancement of authoritarianism in American culture.

Over time, will come to serve as a freely-accessible, digital catalogue raisonné. Visitors to the website will find affordably-priced prints spanning Coe’s career available for direct purchase, as well. The launch of coincides with Political Television, an exhibition mounted by the George Adams Gallery with the cooperation of Galerie St. Etienne, and on view from November 3 through December 17, 2022.

About Sue Coe
Sue Coe (born 1951 in Tamworth, Staffordshire) is a British-born American artist and activist working primarily in drawing and printmaking, often in the form of illustrated books and comics. She studied at the Royal College of Art in London, lived in New York City from 1972 to 2001, and currently resides in upstate New York.

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