What we do

Blue Medium is a New York–based public relations company serving the visual arts, architecture, and design communities. Over the past 20 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best, like-minded clients in the world.

The right skill sets, the right teams and our unique media relationships allow us to provide a values-driven approach in results-oriented campaigns. Our clients range from museums, foundations, festivals, and galleries to architecture and design studios to educators and commercial enterprises.

How we got here

Founded in 2000 by John Melick, Blue Medium has earned a reputation for professionalism, fair-mindedness, and clear-cut procedures and protocols. In turn, we attract team members and clients who value the same principles.

Crucial to our success is our relationship with the media. We have always strived to treat our media colleagues as autonomous, independent voices, and we value the coverage and critical thinking they bring to our communities and clients.

Our Method

Building Connections

  • Immersion in client cultures
  • Carefully researching new projects
  • Assigning the right team to the right client
  • Maintaining relationships with the art and design media
  • Engaging thought leaders and influencers

STRATEGY & Implementation

  • Creating and planning new strategies individually tailored to client needs
  • Implementing strategies with clear procedures and protocols
  • Developing key media assets and messaging
  • Pitching stories and creating opportunities for engagement
  • Media training and media trips
  • Collaborating with digital content creators and event producers through our partners
  • Blue Medium also conducts tailored public relations workshops for art and design clients interested in developing new or revised communications strategies, reviewing trends, identifying new opportunities for storytelling, and navigating the changing media landscape, among other topics.


  • Transparently reporting activities and results
  • Problem solving and issues management
  • Fostering open channels of client communication
  • Analyzing everything we do—always evolving and innovating

Our partners

Bower blue

Digital Content and Social Media Strategy

Fremont blue

Event Concepts and Production


Social Media


Beyer Blinder Belle and the Jacob Riis team celebrating the unveiling of the Jacob Riis Bathhouse preservation and revitalization project. The 1932 Art Deco building sustained significant damage from Hurricane Sandy; the rehabilitation will breathe new life into this landmark.

The @RISD x Hyundai Collaborative investigates scientific understanding of the natural world with advanced studio pedagogies. This exhibition shows how students, scientists, faculty, as well as Hyundai and Kia designers explore this space of regenerative art for positive change.

According to George Biddle (American, 1885 - 1973), art can, and should, have a clear social message.  @woodmereart presents: George Biddle: The Art of American Social Conscience, on view until January 23, 2023.


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