Friedman Benda presents ‘6 acts of confinement’, first solo exhibition by creative duo OrtaMiklos | June 25th

Friedman Benda is pleased to present OrtaMiklos: 6 acts of confinement, the first US solo exhibition of the French and Danish creative duo. In 6 acts of confinements, OrtaMiklos debuts a new body of work divided into six discrete scenes with each act representing a different emotional response to this current moment in time.

“It’s during a moment of lockdown that the mind wants to escape. Perhaps it escapes into forms that appear to be unknown, the same as where we feel our future is going,” says OrtaMiklos.

The show will feature collaborations with artists including Reginald Sylvester II and Salomé Chatriot, creating a multidisciplinary experience activated through performance and sound. Since many of OrtaMiklos’ ideas begin in guerrilla performances, the additional objects are conceived as props for an intuitive theater of making, utilizing ad hoc sculpting and coloring processes. Through explosively energetic and imaginative objects, OrtaMiklos draw from a wide variety of references, such as body movements and contortion, graffiti, and animation.

About OrtaMiklos

Leo Orta (b. 1993, Paris) and Victor Miklos Andersen (b. 1993, Kalundborg) formed OrtaMiklos in 2015 while studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Generally informed by natural habitats and processes, the creative duo’s experimental approach activates their design works from the existing norms. Their works have been exhibited in international museums, such as Icebergs In Progress at Museo Marino Marini in Florence (2018), in Foncteur d’oubli, at Le Plateau Frac Ile-de-France and Kleureyck: Van Eyck’s Colors in Design at Design Museum in Ghent (2020) and will be on view at Le Tripostal in Lille. OrtaMiklos currently operates the studio across two locations in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and Les Moulins, France.


About Friedman Benda 

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*Due to COVID-19 concerns, exhibition dates, format and access are subject to change.

Media Contact: Christina Allan