LG OLED Presents Seoul Light DDP 2023 BOREALIS

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LG OLED Presents
Seoul Light DDP 2023 BOREALIS, a Celestial Installation by Dan Acher on the occasion of Frieze Seoul 2023

On view August 31 to September 10 from 7pm to 11pm KST at Dongdaemun Design Plaza DDP, Seoul, Korea

Dan Acher – BOREALIS, ©David Solm_Novatech. Image courtesy of LG OLED 

Seoul, Korea August 24 2023LG OLED is pleased to present BOREALIS, a celestial lightshow by Swiss artist, Dan Acher which seeks to replicate the experience of the Northern Lights in the urban skies above Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The project will be on display from August 31 to September 10 from 7pm to 11pm KST on the occasion of LG OLEDs celebrations of Frieze Seoul 2023.

“Acher’s work is in keeping with our commitment to empowering digital and new media artists and combining the richness of tradition with the marvels of technology. We look forward to welcoming the people of Seoul and the global art community to join us in experiencing the shared sense of wonder it will create” says Kate Hye-won Oh, vice president of the Brand Communication Division at the LG Home Entertainment Company.

According to Acher, “The Northern and Southern Lights have long inspired awe and astonishment. Throughout the ages, we have attributed countless legends to this celestial phenomenon. Borealis is about inspiring shared emotions in the center of a city by replicating something magical – something that should not naturally be there. I’m thrilled to collaborate with LG OLED to bring this work and its message to light at a time when Seoul is at the center of the cultural discourse.”

Seeking inspiration from this natural phenomenon formed when the sun’s electrically charged particles enter the earth’s atmosphere, Borealis creates ethereal lights in a range of colors, concentrating on greens and blues- the most common colors of the Northern Lights in nature-and merging with hints of red and yellow. Just as in nature, where no two nights of the Auroras Borealis are the same, the installation uses variations in movement, color, sound, and density of the light beams, together with changing weather conditions, to create a unique experience with each iteration.

LG OLED is the official headline partner of Frieze Seoul 2023, highlighting the continued efforts of the brand to bring together the world of digital art and advanced technology by presenting contemporary art experiences. Operating under the official motto, “We inspire art,” as the foundation of their mission, LG OLED hopes to inspire future generations of digital artists as they advance into new mediums, transcending the borders of different fields.


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About Dan Acher: Dan Acher is an international artist based in Switzerland, an Ashoka Fellow and the founder of Happy City Lab. Acher studied social anthropology in New Zealand and derives inspiration from his exploration of diverse cultures during his extensive travels. His large-scale installations are designed to evoke awe and communal introspection. Their size and scale seek to remind humanity of our communal nature and universal shared experiences. of our universal nature and allow strangers to come together through shared experience beyond what may divide them.

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