Announcing the Launch of Trellis Art Fund

Visual Arts


New York, NY [February 6, 2024] – Trellis Art Fund is a newly established private foundation committed to supporting the work of individual artists via grants and professional development. Based in New York City and targeting a diverse visual arts community across the United States, Trellis will select its first cohort of 12 artists this year; each will receive two payments of $50,000 over two years, totaling $100,000. In recognition of the challenges working parents often face, two grants will be reserved for artists who are parents or guardians of children under twelve.

The work of individual artists is so greatly undervalued in our society; the time and resources that go into making art is not always well understood. Trellis wants to make a statement that creative work is important, and we want to make the creative process a little easier for a few artists. Perhaps extra support at the right time in their career will offer some security and freedom.” explained Executive Director Corina Larkin, who continued “it is our hope that Trellis can serve as the ‘keep going grant’ that provides awardees the ability and encouragement to reach that next level.”

Trellis is guided by an advisory board of five contemporary art professionals: writer/curator David Evans Frantzartist Arlene Shechet, curator Marcela Guerrero, curator/educator Akili Tommasino, and writer/curator Eugenie Tsai who have collectively determined the framework for the nominating process and principles of the fund. In January of this year, more than 75 curators, historians, artists, and other art world professionals nationwide were invited by the advisory board to nominate up to three artists. Eligibility was open to any artist who is a United States citizen or permanent resident. The nominated artists will be invited to apply in February, after which an anonymous jury of five will decide the final twelve awardees. The inaugural Trellis Art Fund cohort will be announced in the summer of 2024.

“We were guided by our deep respect for the individual artist, a desire to provide the conditions for them to succeed, and a commitment to an open-minded, wide-reaching nomination process. On behalf of the Advisory Board I would like to thank the many professionals who generously shared their expertise and insights, allowing us to create a process that will facilitate the nomination of  artists from a variety of backgrounds and locations throughout the country.” said board member Eugenie Tsai.

With each cohort, Trellis will promote inclusivity, particularly by promoting artists from groups historically underrepresented at the commercial and institutional levels. In addition to providing fundingTrellis will further demonstrate commitment to its grantees by offering an annual retreat with professional development workshops and time to share their work. In time, Trellis hopes that its cohorts will develop into an enduring, mutually supportive community.


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