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365 W Pond Lily Rd, Elizaville, NY July 19 – 21, 2024, 11am – 6pm Opening Reception July 19, 4-6pm

New York, NY – July 2, 2024 – Zero Art Fair, a new experimental art fair reclaiming available works and placing them in people’s homes for free, announces its inaugural list of artist exhibitors. Each of the 7 artists submitted up to five artworks to be exhibited and “sold” to fairgoers under contract at the first edition of Zero Art Fair. The fair will be held in Elizaville, NY, from July 19 – 21, 2024, coinciding with Upstate Art Weekend.

Zero Art Fair is an ongoing project that serves as an alternative model to the existing art market – where artists can clear space in their studios without letting go of their works’ potential value. Conceived by artists Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida, the fair will counteract the myth of scarcity in the art market by revealing a vast inventory of unsold work from studios and storage. Upon “selling” their work, participating artists opt into a contract that includes a 5-year vesting period before ownership is automatically transferred to the new owner. During that time, the contract grants the artist the right to sell the work, or borrow the work for exhibition. After ownership is transferred, the contract grants the artist 50% of the sale price if the work is later sold, and a 10% royalty in perpetuity on subsequent resales. Provenance will be posted online.

Participating Artists

Natale Adgnot, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @natale_adgnot)
Amber Eve Anderson, Baltimore, MD (Instagram: @amber_ander) Bo Bartlett, Columbus, GA (Instagram: @thebobartlett)
Alana Bograd, Philadelphia, PA (Instagram: @alanabogradstudio) Lee Boroson, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @lboroson)
Karlos Carcamo, Beacon, NY (Instagram: @karloscarcamo)

Dana Carlson, Queens, NY (Instagram: @microstudionyc)
Luyao Chang, New York, NY (Instagram: @6u6usaferoom)
Katie Chin, New York, NY (Instagram: @katie.chin.and)
Matthew Conradt, Brooklyn NY (Instagram: @matthewconradt)
Anne-Marie Cosgrove, Toronto, Canada (Instagram: @annemariecosgrove) Chris Costan, New York, NY (Instagram: @chriscostan)Kyle Cottier, Knoxville, TN (Instagram: @kyle_cottier)
Pamela Council, New York, NY (Instagram: @pamelacouncil)
Jennifer Dalton, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @jendalton_)
Jane Fine, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @janemfine)
Rebecca Fortnum, London, UK (Instagram: @rebecca_fortnum)
Ryan Frank, New York, NY (Instagram: @ryanmfrank)
E. Winslow Funaki, Somerville, MA (Instagram: @winslowfoofoo)
Allison Gildersleeve, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @allygildersleeve)
Anthony Goicolea, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @anthonygoicolea)
Erin Haldrup Queens, NY (Instagram: @erinhaldrup.perrazzelli)Susan Hamburger New York, NY (instagram @hamburgerama)Jessica Hargreaves, Germantown, NY (Instagram: @jhargreaves)
Robert Harrington, Austin, TX (Instagram: @roberto.jackson.harrington)
Jodi Hays, Nashville, TN (Instagram: @jodihayspainter)
Michelle Hinebrook, New York, NY (Instagram:
James Huang, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: james.ts.huang)Kristen Jensen New York, NY (instagram @jensenkristen)Lee Jensen, Queens, NY (Instagram: @leejensenstudio)
Jeremiah Jones, New York, NY (Instagram: @jrmhjns)
Chris Kannen, Denver, CO (Instagram: @chriskannen)
Jennifer Karady, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @jennifer_karady)
Jeana Eve Klein, Boone, NC (Instagram: @jeanaeveklein)
Jac Lahav, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @jaclahav)
Elisa Lendvay, Hudson Valley, NY (Instagram: @elisalendvay)
Lisa Levy, New York, NY (Instagram: @lisalevyartwork)
Jason Cole Mager, New York, NY / Taipei, Taiwan (Instagram: @jasoncolemager) Bridget May, San Francisco, CA (Instagram: @bikecookie)
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Brooklyn NY (Instagram: @jennmccoyspace) Thomas Micchelli, Chatham, NJ (Instagram: @thomas.micchelli1)
Jamie Mirabella, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @jamie.mirabella)
Natalie Moore, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @nataliegmoore)
Chris Moss, Savannah, GA (Instagram: @mrhopthescissor)
Erin O’Flynn, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @erin_oflynn)
David Opdyke, Queens, NY (Instagram: @david.opdyke)
Jeff Ostergren, New Haven, CT (Instagram: @jeffostergren)
Linda Pellagrini, Milan, Italy (Instagram: @lin_pella))
William Powhida, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @williampowhida)
Mary Raap, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @maryraap)
Cynthia Reynolds, New York, NY (Instagram: @cynthia.reynolds)Peter Rostovsky Brooklyn, NY (instagram @peterrostovsky)Emily Roz, New York, NY (Instagram: @emvonroz)
Carol Saft, New York, NY (Instagram: @saft1saft)Marc Sapir Brooklyn, NY (instagram @marcsapir)Tom Sanford, New York, NY (Instagram: @uberkunst)
Patricia Satterlee, Long Island City, NY (Instagram: @patricia_satterlee)
Michael Scott, Brooklyn, New York (Instagram: @instamichaelscott)
Jennifer Seas, Charleston, IL (Instagram: @jenniferseasprojects)
Lauren Seiden, New York, NY (Instagram: @laurenrseiden)
Jordan Seiler, New York, NY (Instagram: @jordanseiler)
Joanna Seitz, New York, NY
Jusun Seo, New York, NY (Instagram: @zexuii.jeez
Michael Shaw, Los Angeles, CA (Instagram: @michaelshawstudio)
Viviane Silvera, New York, NY (Instagram: @vivianesilvera)
Adam Simon, Queens, NY (Instagram: @adsim123)
Janice Sloane, New York City, NY (Instagram: @janicesloan)
Jeff Slomba, New Haven, CT (Instagram: @jeffslomba)
Alfred Steiner, New York, NY (Instagram: @alfiesteiner)
Lynn Sullivan, Queens, NY (Instagram: @anothersullivan)
Bob Szantyr, Beacon, NY (Instagram: @blahbert)
David Thonis, New York, NY (Instagram: @dthonis)
Mark Tribe, New York, NY (Instagram: @marktribe)
Jason Varone, New York, NY (Instagram: @varonearts)
Michelle Vaughan, New York, NY (Instagram: @black_von)
Chris Verene, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @chrisverene)
Lexa Walsh, Hudson Valley, NY (Instagram: @lexawalshstudios)
Amelie Wang, Baltimore, MD (Instagram: @ameliewwwww)
Oliver Wasow, Rhinebeck, NY (Instagram: @onwasow)
Michael Waugh, Brooklyn, NY (Instagram: @michaelwaughart)
Barbara Westermann, Hudson Valley, NY (Instagram: Yin Ming Wong, Brooklyn, NY (@yinming_)
Daniel Zeller, New York, NY (Instagram: @danhzeller)More information about Zero Art Fair is available at their website, Zero Art Fair is sponsored by FLAG Art Foundation, VVrkshop, B. Avery Syrig Art Services, Supreme Digital, and generous individual contributors.

Dates: Friday, July 19 – Sunday, July 21, 2024
Hours: The Fair will be open each day from 11am – 6pm.

Location: 365 W Pond Lily Rd, Elizaville, NY, 12523.

Admission: Free of Charge

Image captions, left to right:

Bo Bartlett, Sarah, 2019. Oil on panel, 23×23.
Lisa Levy, The Thoughts In My Head #6 Welcome To The Home. Acrylic on canvas, 11×14. Chris Verene, “Sabbath,” from the series “Prairie Jews.” C-print with hand-printed caption in oil by the artist, mounted on archival Sintra, 34×40 (framed).

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