On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, International landscape architecture firm SWA Group invites the public to participate in Nature Works, its new digital campaign aimed to bring solace to the public amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  The campaign provides beautiful photographs paired with science-backed insights about the healing power of nature.

On Earth Day, the campaign opened a public Facebook gallery and invited viewers to post their thoughts and images about the earth alongside those of the firm’s staff.

The public gallery was initially designed as an internal exercise at the firm as part of the Nature Works campaign, which offers virtual experiences of nature, and guidance on how to reconnect with nature while continuing to embrace social distancing.  Posts on the campaign have been distributed across platforms using the hashtag #NatureWorks, on SWA Group’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic in March, Nature Works provides the public with soothing photos and tips on nature’s essential effects on the well-being of individuals, communities, and cities. (Research shows that even looking at photographs of nature has mental health benefits.)  Designed to uplift and motivate the public during a moment of pause around the globe, the campaign is an example of how simple acts of creativity can contribute in the face of global adversity.

Some of the information that has been shared by SWA Group as part of the campaign includes:

  • How gardening can boost your immune system and combat depression
  • How views of nature can contribute to mental health and can reduce stess, and more
  • Alternate methods of remaining physically active and healthy while experiencing the outdoors

One post, accompanied by a video displaying scenes of nature and wildlife, reads:

“Nature Works: Scientists correlate outdoor experiences with positive emotions and expanded HNC (Human-Nature Connection). Can’t get outside? Press “play” to enjoy a brief visual and audible respite at Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear, Texas.”

About SWA

SWA is a world-renowned landscape architecture, planning and urban design firm celebrated for creativity, responsiveness and design excellence. We believe that the public realm is an essential part of the infrastructure of great cities, and design parks, streets, plazas, and open space in ways that foster vitality, equity and resilience. The firm’s work varies in scale and character in keeping with its particular setting and client aspirations. SWA has studios in Dallas, Houston, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sausalito and Shanghai. For more information, please visit www.swagroup.com.

Media Contact: Christina Allan