DESIGN MIAMI | Ukrainian Designer Victoria Yakusha Introduces “The Land of Light”



Photos: Dima Kutsenko

Kyiv, Ukraine/ Antwerp, Belgium (November 14, 2023) — Ukrainian architect and designer and winner of the Best Curio Booth at Design Miami/ Basel 2022, will make her Miami debut with a new limited-edition collection “The Land of Light.”

In a Curio presentation, Yakusha’s captivating collection explores the interplay of four mythical creatures that guide us to recognize and embrace our inner light, symbolizing innocence, hope, and positivity. At its core, it’s about animism – the belief that objects, places, and beings possess a unique living essence.

“I designed ‘The Land of Light’ to be a sanctuary of hope and core values, striving to instill optimism” says Yakusha. “The four ‘animals’ are here to help one keep one’s inner light and guide their path amidst darkness, hate, and destruction.”

Each creation in “The Land of Light” collection evokes a genuine sense of Ukrainian culture, intertwining candor with innocence. While Yakusha’s approach may appear childlike in its simplicity, it is charged with profound, thought-provoking intent. Primitivism serves as a powerful form of expression, mirroring the purity and hope that the designer seeks to share.

Victoria Yakusha remains committed to eco-friendly, 100% natural materials. Crafted from Yakusha’s signature blend of ZTISTA—a fusion of cellulose, clay, flax fiber, wood chips, and biopolymer—the collection not only embodies a sustainable design ethos but also forges a stronger bond with nature. Partnering with the finest suppliers, this collection showcases premium, technologically advanced, and eco-conscious materials. “The Land of Light” exemplifies the power of design to inspire, uplift, and illuminate the human spirit.

Yakusha will participate in a panel discussion “Healing Through Design” on Friday December 8th, 2-3 PM in the Design Miami Talks Theater. Moderated by Design Miami’s Curatorial Director, Anna Carnick, the panel will also feature South African ceramicist Andile Dyalvane and Nigerian designer Nifemi Marcus-Bello.

Victoria Yakusha is a designer, artist, and architect whose unique “live design” philosophy centers around a deep connection to earth and Ukrainian cultural heritage. She is the founder of FAINA, a design brand specializing in furniture, decor, and lighting, a creator of signature sustainable material Ztista, and a global ambassador of Ukrainian design. Victoria was named the 2019 Elle Decoration Ukraine Designer of the Year and received the public vote for the best emerging design studio at the 2021 Dezeen Awards. In 2022, she was the winner of “The Best Curio Show of the Year” at Design Miami/ Basel.

Media contact:
Dalia Stoniene | Blue Medium