Blue Medium Fall 2023 Newsletter


Luis Rivera Jiminez, Prototype for “Phatic Function #2,” 2023. Laserjet printed paper, glue, water. Courtesy of the artist and CALA Alliance. Photo by Shaunte Glover.


Luis Rivera Jimenez: A Brief Proposal on Race and Cultural Cosplay, August 19, 2023 – December 31, 2023

In A Brief Proposal on Race and Cultural Cosplay, Luis Rivera Jimenez uses the intricacies of language, political thought, and daily experience in the Caribbean to create intentional spaces of learning, conversation, and care. The artist’s sculptural objects and installations pose questions about the dynamics of race and representation. His practice reflects upon and explores the underpinning of what he describes as a “global digital society,” where a relationship between memory, images, and symbols can be traced, mapped, and proliferated.

Media Contact: Max Kruger-Dull 


No Vacancy Miami Beach,  November 16 – December 14, 2023

The City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places program in collaboration with Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA), presents the 2023 edition of No Vacancy Miami Beach. No Vacancy is a juried art competition that supports and celebrates artists and encourages the public to experience Miami Beach’s hotels as art destinations by commissioning temporary site-specific works.

Media Contact: Chloe Pingeon


Joe Fig: Contemplating Compositions, September 8, 2023 – October 21, 2023

Contemplating Compositions features Joe Fig’s paintings of museum-goers viewing art at recent exhibitions, including the New Museum’s Mutu exhibition (2023) and the Guggenheim’s Alex Katz exhibition (2022-23). Fig seeks to explore the relationship between viewer and artist, as well as the internal and external processes that occur when experiencing art.

Media Contact: Max Kruger-Dull 


Jessica Cambell: Heterodoxy, October 6, 2023 –  March 24, 2024

On October 6, artist and cartoonist Jessica Campbell’s exhibition Heterodoxy opens at The Fabric Workshop and Museum. The exhibition explores Heterodoxy, the secret radical feminist debate group that met in New York from 1912 through the 1940s. Satirical textiles, drawings, and comics as well as large tufted floral walls will be featured in an installation that takes inspiration from Polly’s, one of Heterodoxy’s meeting places on MacDougal Street.

Media Contact: Max Kruger-Dull 


Anula Shetty: Dreaming in Transit, Fall – Winter, 2023

Beginning in September, Dreaming in Transit, a new photography and augmented reality public art project by Indian-American artist and filmmaker Anula Shetty in collaboration with the Southern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), will span Philadelphia’s transit system. For the project, Shetty interviewed SEPTA workers, riders, and other Philadelphians around the theme of “dreaming in transit.” Presented by Forman Arts Initiative and Mural ArtsDreaming in Transit marks the inaugural collaboration of their joint residency program Public Works, which pairs artists and city agencies such as SEPTA for yearlong collaborations.

Media Contact: Max Kruger-Dull 


Tee-Hee-Hee: Scooter LaForge, November 2 – December 17, 2023

On November 2, Howl! Happening opens an exhibition by East Village painter, sculptor, and designer Scooter LaForge that focuses on the artist’s tee-shirt designs. LaForge’s work draws from a myriad of pop culture references and is influenced by queer culture, cartoons, and fashion as individual expression. This fall marks LaForge’s second show at Howl!, a space devoted to preserving the past and celebrating the contemporary culture of the East Village and Lower East Side.

Media Contact: Chloe Pingeon


The Kallir Research Institute Celebrates 100th Anniversary of the Original Neue GalerieOpening November 29, exhibitions at Galerie nächst St. Stefan and at Wienerroither & Kohlbacher will celebrate the legacy of the influential Neue Galerie in Vienna, which was instrumental in the development and propagation of Austrian Expressionism—as well as the progenitor of the Galerie St. Etienne in New York. Stay tuned for additional anniversary announcements, including a documentary produced by the Austrian public broadcaster ORF in cooperation with Kallir Research Institute.

Media Contact: Chloe Pingeon


LG OLED ART at Frieze Seoul:
Dan Acher: Borealis
, September 1 – September 7, 2023
Kim Whanki X LG OLED
, September 6 – September 9, 22023

LG OLED ART presents two exciting art activations at Frieze Seoul. On view September 1 – 9, every night from 7pm – 9pm, is Dan Acher’s Borealis. This light show installation by the Swiss artist replicates the experience of the Northern Lights in urban skies. Borealis uses variations in movement, color, and density of light beams to replicate the infinite variation of the Northern Lights and to explore our ancestral communion with nature, along with our more recent compulsion to control it.

Also on view at the Frieze Seoul LG OLED booth is LG OLED x KIM WHANKI, featuring 4 to 5 original large paintings by Korean abstractionist artist Kim Whanki, accompanying digital displays and videos on mounted TV screens. Whanki (1913 – 1974) is renowned as a pioneer in Korean abstraction and considered “The Godfather of the Korean monochrome Dansaekhwa movement.”

Media Contact: Chloe Pingeon


Spineless: A Glass Menagerie of Blaschka Marine Invertebrates, October 21, 2023 – September, 2024

Mystic Seaport Museum presents Spineless: A Glass Menagerie of Blaschka Marine Invertebrates, a major exhibition of selections from the 19th-century Blaschka Glass Invertebrates collection. The exhibition features over 40 of the exquisite models, and is the first to emphasize those which are now identified as introduced species, including many now found in New England waterways. Co-curated by Krystal Rose, Curator of Collections at Mystic Seaport Museum, and Dr. James T. Carlton, Director Emeritus of the Williams-Mystic Coastal and Ocean Studies Program, Spineless highlights both the history of 19th century science and the study and tracking of marine introduced species in the wake of globalization.

Media Contact: Max Kruger-Dull 


The House Edge, September 28, 2023 – January 13, 2024

Starting September 28, The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation’s gallery The 8th Floor presents The House Edge, a group exhibition that features a multi-dimensional lens to understand the complex relationship between gambling and Indigenous sovereignty.

The exhibition highlights gaming-related works by Indigenous artists from various Native American nations, including pieces by Jim Denomie, David Bradley, and Harry Fonesca. The exhibition will be curated by Caitlin Chaisson, recipient of SDRF’s 2023 Curatorial Open Call.

Media Contact: Max Kruger-Dull 


Through Art Seeking UnderstandingTempleton Religion Trust funds research exploring the value of art as sources of understanding. In addition to the other 15+ grantees, Art Seeking Understanding funds the research of Dr. Elisabeth Schellekens, whose work investigates the importance of art criticism and its role in shaping value and meaning, and Dr. Bahador Bahrami, who studies the behavior of people who view art alone vs. in a group setting, using eye-tracking glasses technology.

Media Contact: Max Kruger-Dull 


Photo courtesy of David Lloyd


NYC Legend, Unveiled October 17

Swedish artist Alexander Klingspor unveils his public art project, NYC Legend, on October 17 in Union Square, Manhattan. The project invokes storytelling, mythology, and shared public consciousness through art—all related to an urban myth of the alligators of the New York City sewer system. Klingspor’s project highlights the arts, culture, and creativity that are essential to New York’s unique character and identity.

Media Contact: Michelle DiLello


The recently-completed, two-tower residential development, Eagle + West is Brooklyn’s newest landmark, with its eye-catching 48-foot cantilever at the confluence of Newtown Creek and the East River. The architecture, conceived by OMA, has been widely celebrated for the dramatic face it presents to the Greenpoint neighborhood.

As executive architect, Beyer Blinder Belle (BBB) collaborated with OMA to create one of most desirable residential complexes in New York, resolving the design of the shingled precast concrete panels on the exterior of the building, while also designing the residential interiors as the project’s unit interior designer. The resulting interiors harmonize with the exterior architecture, as well as with the amenity spaces, designed by Marmol Radzinor and executed by BBB.

Media Contact: Dalia Stoniene


Fernando Laposse: Ghosts of Our Towns, September 7 – October 14, 2023

For its first exhibition of the Fall 2023 season, Friedman Benda New York will feature the work of Fernando Laposse in his first solo exhibition with the gallery, Ghosts of Our Towns. Known for questioning the ethics of agriculture and production via its waste products, Laposse focuses on three materials for this exhibition: corn, agave, and avocado.

Following extensive research on the repercussions of collective patterns of trade and consumption on small farming communities in Mexico, Laposse’s work draws an arc between disruption and restoration, dissolution and hope. For him, “to get to the root, one must go to the soil,” and to work with fibers is to engage with all the complexities around them: environmental crisis, loss of biodiversity, community disintegration, and forced migration.

Media Contact: Dalia Stoniene


The RISD Museum has announced the appointment of Tsugumi Maki as its director, effective October 10. Maki, who brings 25 years of experience in the museum field, is currently the chief exhibitions and collections officer at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Maki succeeds Sarah Ganz Blythe, who has served as the museum’s interim director since December 2020.

As the RISD Museum’s director, Maki joins RISD’s institutional commitment to confront racism and other injustices in their many forms, and will lead the museum in fulfilling its mission to acquire, preserve, exhibit and interpret works of art and design representing diverse cultures, overseeing the growth and evolution of the museum’s collection. She will also lead and support an active exhibition and public programming schedule of the highest quality that seeks to offer an expanded view of artists, making and history, embracing the RISD Museum’s potential in unifying our community and enacting positive change.

Media Contact: Michelle DiLello


Located on the West Side of Manhattan on the scenic Hudson River shoreline, Riverside Park South is a massive, multiphase project by SWA Group, of sweeping ambition and historic scope. Combining new green space, new infrastructure, and the renovation of landmark industrial buildings, the plan – originally devised by Thomas Balsley Associates in 1991 – is an extension of Frederick Law Olmsted’s famed Riverside Park, carrying it a further 13 blocks beyond its traditional southern boundary.

The project calls for the elevated Miller Highway (long a barrier between the City and its waterfront) to be replaced by an underground tunnel topped by lawns and surface streets, affording unimpeded access from new high-rise apartment buildings and upland neighborhoods to the parks and paths along the river.

Media Contact: Dalia Stoniene


WholeTrees is a Wisconsin-based, women-owned company founded in 2007 that specializes in using sustainably harvested round timber and solid swan timber to create structural systems and building components. The company’s mission is to create healthier and more sustainable buildings by using whole unmilled trees in construction to provide communities with beautiful, affordable, and durable biophilic structural systems that restore forests.

Developed in partnership with WholeTrees Structures, The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire (CMEC) Is a newly-designed, innovative and sustainable 24,000 square-foot two-story Structural Round Timber (SRT) museum. The CMEC is the first structure of its kind, representing  the cornerstone of what is possible with carbon-conscious materials and partnerships between visionary, architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) leaders, including CMEC’s executive director Michael McHorney and Malcolm Holzman, an internationally renowned museum architect. Together with WholeTrees and some of the nation’s leading timber engineers, forestry companies, and fabricators, the team created a stunning and sustainable museum that will provoke whimsy and play for kids of all ages.

Media Contact: Michelle DiLello


Photo courtesy of Sean Welski and Bower Blue
On July 28, many of the Blue Crew attended The Beverley Discussion at the American Australian Association headquarters, a conversation between art writers Jessica Lynne (ARTS.BLACK) and Jillian Steinhauer (The New York Times). This was the first talk as a result of The Beverley Art Writers Travel Grant to Australia, of which Lynne was the inaugural winner in 2022. The conversation was a spirited, heartfelt, and illuminating chat that focused on the collaborative nature of Lynne’s project; the work of Carole Y. Johnson, founder of the NAISDA Dance College and Bangarra Dance Theatre; and Black art and culture.

The $10,000 annual grant was established in 2022 by John Melick at Blue Medium, to support independent US art writers and journalists who wish to visit and explore Australia’s abounding visual arts and culture communities. We also congratulate the 2023 recipient Lauren O’Neill-Butler, and look forward to her upcoming visit. Special thanks to the AAA for facilitating the grant process. Learn more about their work, and the array of grant and scholarship offerings, on their website.

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