‘KAWS + Warhol’ at The Andy Warhol Museum Opening May 18, 2024

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Left: Andy Warhol, Ambulance Disaster, 1964-65, Dia Center for the Arts, ©The  Andy Warhol Foundation, Inc.
Right: KAWS, COMPANION 2020, 2020, © KAWS


Pittsburgh, PA, April 22, 2024 – KAWS + Warhol will be on view May 18, 2024 – January 20, 2025 at The Andy Warhol Museum, marking the Museum’s 30th anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary, KAWS will be honored at the Museum’s gala on May 18th from 5-9pm at Carrie Blast Furnaces in Pittsburgh. In the fall, Phaidon will release a book celebrating the pairing of one of the most iconic artists to date (Warhol) with one of the most popular and recognizable contemporary living artists (KAWS).

KAWS + Warhol will be the first exhibition to examine the dark themes present in the work of both artists. From skulls to car crashes, both artists deploy their signature bright colors and pop culture references while also presenting the lurid spectacle of death. The dark undercurrents in the work of KAWS and Warhol are magnified and brought into plain sight by presenting the two artists together for the first time.

KAWS will also respond to Warhol’s embrace of commercialism by presenting a new series of paintings, sculptures and installations related to his recent commission with General Mills which inserted his signature characters into the packaging for some of America’s most loved cereal boxes including Frankenberry, Frute Brute, Count Chocula and Boo-Berry. The cereal works will be juxtaposed with Warhol’s iconic Brillo Boxes and his lesser-known series of paintings for children.

“KAWS and Warhol share many qualities, from their joyful embrace of commercial ventures to a relentless mining of American culture for inspiration,” said Patrick Moore, director of The Warhol and curator of the exhibition. “However, what most fascinates me with both artists is their ability to delight viewers, especially young people, while exploring dark and serious themes. By pairing these two artists, the museum continues its work to keep Warhol’s legacy relevant and fresh.”

“Warhol’s bold and unapologetic approach to art continues to inspire generations, and his ability to challenge conventional norms through his work is a testament to his visionary genius. As an artist, I am humbled to be part of an exhibition alongside Warhol at his eponymous museum and to contribute to the ever-evolving legacy of one of the greatest artistic minds of our time,” said KAWS.

In response to The Warhol’s new initiative, The Pop District, KAWS will also present a monumental wooden sculpture in Pop Park, directly across from the museum and visible from its entrance space.

KAWS + Warhol, curated by Patrick Moore, director of The Warhol, is expected to travel to at least two international venues to be announced.

The exhibition will be followed by major exhibitions at The Parrish Art Museum and The Drawing Center. KAWS: TIME OFF, on view at The Parrish from July 14 to October 13, 2024, will feature work spanning 2012 to the present, highlighting the artist’s continued exploration of popular iconography. On view at The Drawing Center from October 10, 2024 to January 19, 2025, The Way I See It: Collections from the KAWS Collection will be the first exhibition consisting solely of works from the artists’ own collection, and is curated by the artist.


The Warhol currently receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency; and The Heinz Endowments. Further support is provided by the Allegheny Regional Asset District.
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NOTE TO EDITORS: There will be a press preview of the exhibition May 17, 2:00 pm (registration required)

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