DC Moore Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Visual Arts

Valerie JaudonJoyce Kozloff, and Robert Kushner are artists central to the groundbreaking Pattern & Decoration art movement of the 1970s. P&D was a feisty movement that began as a contrarian  embrace of cross-cultural traditions, nonwestern art, decorative arts and women’s traditional crafts. With bold expression and wit, these artists challenged the hegemonic notion of ‘high art,’ minimalism, and the anti-female biases of contemporary art. They laid a foundation for ensuing generations of artists who have used the techniques, concepts, and global history of the decorative arts as key features of their practices.

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, DC Moore Gallery will present not only early work by Jaudon, Kozloff, and Kushner, but also explore how their work has evolved.

The fair will be open to the public on Thursday, December 5 through Sunday, December 8, with a VIP preview on Wednesday, December 4.

Contact: Abby Addams